Where will the worst of the winds be with the powerful nor'easter? The answer is away from the immediate center of the storm.

Strong onshore winds will hit the east coast of New England. Winds in this area will not only bring in warm air and rain but will also lead to above-normal tides and beach erosion.

Meanwhile, powerful winds from the north and west will blow well north, west and southwest of the storm. The winds will push snow around into huge drifts in some areas while lowering bay and estuary water levels in others.

Since the storm may stall in the area from New Jersey to southern Connecticut, these places and locations in between may escape the worst of the storm's winds.

There has been some criticism on exactly what this storm is or what it will be.

What really matters is how it affects you. For some people, it may seem to be much more than just another nor'easter.

Trees will be downed in the region. The falling trees and limbs will cut the power in some areas and can block secondary roads. Loose objects will become projectiles. Wind gusts close to or above 45 mph have the ability to cause damage.

Story by AccuWeather.com Expert Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski