WGN America isn't the only cable channel seeking a new identity. Here are five other outlets going through changes:

TV Land

Then: A rest home for former network stars.

Now: Rawer, edgy sitcoms that would make the Cleaver family squirm.

Signature series: "The Jim Gaffigan Show." The stand-up comedian juggles a late-night job, numerous kids and a shaky relationship with his church.


Then: ABC Family, a title that no longer reflected the network's grown-up content.

Now: Same theme of providing "Dynasty"-lite programming for curious teenagers.

Signature series: "Pretty Little Liars." High school girls embedded in their own version of "Scandal."


Then: Left-leaning news channel, the yin to Fox News' yang.

Now: More straight-down-the-middle coverage, much of it led by former NBC anchor Brian Williams.

Signature series: "Morning Joe," for those who like to start their days with an extra jolt of outrage.


Then: TVGN, celebrating the entertainment industry and CBS programming.

Now: More original programming that covers the spectrum from sitcoms to sports.

Signature series: "Schitt's Creek," a close relative of "Arrested Development" starring Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara.


Then: H2, spinoff of History Channel

Now: Documentary series dominate this artist-driven experiment led by Oscar nominee Spike Jonze.

Signature series: "Gaycation," Ellen Page's exploration of gay and lesbian lifestyles around the world.

Neal Justin