Here’s a sample from the MSFA’s year-round report, with client and guest, affiliation and reason.

Minnesota Vikings-Green Bay Packers game Oct. 15

Pamela Brueck and Michelle Haddad,  Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal.  Hosted an event in September 2016 and have events booked for June and October this year.

Tonya Hebert-Dickson,  Shedrick Garrett, North Central Minority Supplier Development Council. Part of the Minority Business Opportunity Fair in 2016 and 2017.

Molly Dymit, Pete Dymit, Medtronic. Hosted “multiple events in 2016 and 2017.”

Jenny Lange,  Ryan Lange, Land O’Lakes.  Hosted a Town Hall in August 2017.

Andy Levitt.  Rick Hanson,  Live Nation, a major concert promoter.

Bill McCarthy,  none, MSFA board member.

Nicolle Sellers, Alex Sellers,  event planner.  Booked multiple events, including weddings.

Baltimore Ravens game Oct. 22

Curt Hawkins & others,  World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. Potential WrestleMania in 2020 or 2021.

Cincinnati Bengals game Dec. 12

Baseball coach John Anderson,  Jan Anderson,  University of Minnesota Gophers.  “Chance for goodwill after canceling 2019 baseball season” [because of the preparations for the 2019 Final Four].

Laura Bishop,  none, MSFA board member