We know the drill. Every year, national news organizations discover Minnesota's high school hockey tournament. ESPN, the New York Times, Sports Illustrated. It's a good story about something that's unique to Minnesota.

This year, the Wall Street Journal has taken note, using the lens of the annual All-Hockey Hair videos that have gone viral on YouTube in recent years.

But while many Minnesotans eagerly await the newest video, which comes out soon after the tournament, the Journal found one big-time detractor: The Minnesota State High School League.

"That has absolutely nothing to do with our tournament," said Dave Stead, executive director of the MSHSL. "It's a guy who's sitting in his living room taking photos off his TV set. My concern is for the kids and the tournaments."

Andover hockey coach Mark Manney told the Journal that he has concerns about players "thinking about things other than the game. But it's about those kids and their ability to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So most of us are willing to tolerate it."

The complete Wall Street Journal story is here. (The creator of the videos, a Minneapolis ad executive named John King, declined to be interviewed by the Journal. He had kept his idenity secret until appearing with ESPN hockey analyst Barry Melrose last year.)

For those who haven't seen them, the videos come from the pre-game player introductions, when players skate to the camera, show their flow and usually offer a greeting to a parent, grandparent or special friend.

As the videos have become more popular, more social media has paid attention to the ritual.

Some of the best pre-video activities came via Twitter on Wednesday from Ch.. 9 executive producer Seth Kaplan.

What do you think? Is hockey hair overrated -- or a fun part of the tournament experience?

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