– The Trump administration told the Supreme Court on Thursday that there is no reason for the court to rule on the legality of the president’s previous bans on travel from certain countries, and that lower court rulings against the president’s position should be erased.

Opponents of the bans, who had persuaded two appeals courts to block them, said the court should continue to review the cases. Even if not, they said, the lower court rulings should stand.

Solicitor General Noel Francisco said the new proclamation means that the temporary measures under review at the Supreme Court have been superseded. The latest travel ban remains in effect indefinitely and imposes restrictions on eight, rather than six, countries. But unlike the last ban, the restrictions vary by country.

A federal judge in Maryland said this week that those suing over the previous travel ban could file a request for a preliminary injunction to block the new one. A hearing in the case is scheduled for Oct. 17.