Tired of looking out your windows at the same old birds at your same old feeders? Want a change of scene?

Allaboutbirds.org is where you might want to go.

Live video feeds from four feeder setups are available at that address. There is a camera in upstate New York, one in Ontario, another in Panama, and a fourth in west Texas.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is host to the New York camera, and provides links to the other feeder cams.

Just like feeders here, the video-feed action is sporadic. But New York offers tufted titmouse and red-breasted nuthatch. In Ontario you might see evening and pine grosbeaks plus an occasional ruffed grouse. Usual feeder birds are common in both places.

As I write this (an early December afternoon) in Panama I can watch a white-tipped dove, clay-colored robins, and blue-gray tanagers feed with other fruit-eaters I can’t identify. The page includes images of various birds visiting the feeders to offer some identification help (but not enough for me).

The page tells us that these feeders are visited from time to time by chachalacas (big as pheasants), various parakeets, caatingas, a variety of stunning tanagers, aracaris, euphorias, hornbills, plus sparrows, warblers, grosbeaks, and other species from your yard and mine now in Panama on winter break.

The two North American feeder arrays offer a variety of seeds in and out of the shell. It’s a handy seed demo. You can watch to see which kind of seeds are preferred. A seed mix seems to be first choice.