Now that the dust has settled (and the concrete has DEFINITELY settled) on a 2019 Twins season in which they hit an MLB-record 307 home runs, top 100 wins for just the second time in franchise history … but still get swept in the playoffs by the Yankees, I had to ask this question: Which of the Twins' playoff losses since 2002 (eight in all now) were the most disappointing?

This is one part catharsis and one part acknowledgment: If you've been disappointed eight times in 18 years, that means the Twins overall have had a pretty good run even if postseason expectations largely have gone unmet.

Putting too much emphasis on a few games instead of 162 will drive you crazy. Don't forget to remember the joy of the seasons.

I've gone back and forth on this a few times, but on the blog you can find my full list of eight, in order of least to most disappointing playoff finishes.

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