The people who lay down the snow are as itchy to have some as the people who glide over it.

Three Rivers Park District is hoping the weather turns favorably for snow-making Friday night when temperatures are expected to hit the mid-20s. David Thomas, who supervises the ski and snowboard areas in the district, said his crew can begin making snow at 28 degrees. “We are really at full boat 20 (degrees) or lower,” he added.

“We are all ready to go, and there is a possibility this Friday night for snow-making weather,” said Thomas. “Going into next week, we have some real good temperatures coming up starting Tuesday night.”

Cross-country and downhill skiers make heavy use of Hyland Lake Park Reserve in Bloomington and Elm Creek Park Reserve in Maple Grove.

Thomas said his crew is usually ready to go after Halloween, depending on the weather conditions. Temperature, humidity level and wind direction are all factors for snow-making.

Thomas said it still is too early to say when the trails and hills will open. Check the district’s website at or follow Three Rivers on Twitter @threeriverspark for updates.

Bob Timmons