petersonThe Delta Sky360 Club at U.S. Bank Stadium is one of the most interesting and cool features of the billion dollar space. It’s essentially a bar/club where patrons can mingle before, during and after watching the game — with the Vikings’ path from the locker room to the field cutting directly through it.

If you want to talk about a special amenity, this kind of proximity to players is about as good as it gets.

That said, it was at least a little jarring Sunday night to see Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson — who was being supported by two men and wasn’t putting weight on his injured right knee — hobbling through the space in the middle of the game on primetime television, as NBC cameras followed his journey.

This tweet captures the spirit of the thing:

There are two ways to get to the locker room and medical area. Sam Bradford, for instance, went a different route — through a tunnel in the southeast corner of the stadium — when he left the field and came back in the middle of the game following what looked to be some trouble with his left hand.

Peterson, a Viking spokesman confirmed Monday, said he didn’t want to be put on a cart. Since his mobility was limited (unlike Bradford), the Vikings’ medical staff decided to take him off the field via the shortest route possible, which was through the Delta Club. Time was of the essence, of course — though as it turns out, he did not return and was slated to undergo an MRI on Monday morning.

It all makes sense, though it certainly caught a TV-viewing public not used to the new stadium layout a little off-guard.

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