Pedro Florimon might be pretty good with the glove, which is refreshing compared to other recent Twins shortstops (Plouffe, Nishioka, Dozier).

Mark Martin might be thanking his lucky stars that he wasn't hurt or killed in his scary wreck at Michigan.

Melky Cabrera might be hoping this whole drug thing just blows over.


Fox Sports' website had a gallery of MLB players who played in the Little League World Series, a list that includes:

• Jason Bay, Canada, 1990

• Jason Marquis, New York, 1991

• Todd Frazier, New Jersey, 1998

• Lance Lynn, Indiana, 1999

• Colby Rasmus, Alabama, 1999

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"I really feel that was a freak accident. I'm not sure you can ever completely fix something like that." -- Mark Martin after the side of his car was impaled by the interior wall along pit road. The 53-year-old walked away without injury.