Failure to launch

Former Minnesotan Tom McCarthy almost shot the follow-up to his Oscar-winning film “Spotlight” in the Twin Cities, but “Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made” ended up being filmed in Oregon and Canada. From a promotional standpoint, it’s a significant loss. This family-friendly fare about a rather clueless 11-year-old detective does a nice job of showcasing Portland, especially when Failure’s assistant, a ravenous polar bear, goes snooping on his own. The movie, based on Stephan Pastis’ book, won’t be a player on the awards circuit, but it should give a little boost to Northwest tourism.

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Play station

Several key troublemakers from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” are behind “Mystic Quest: Raven’s Banquet,” a sitcom rooting for a ragtag team of programmers charged with developing a new video game. Considering that “Sunny” is one of TV’s darkest comedies, this is a surprisingly routine office comedy — the staff includes the requisite kiss-butt assistant, befuddled human resources director and underappreciated deputy — that has more in common with Dunder Mifflin Paper Co. than Paddy’s Pub.

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Jailhouse rock

The legal drama “For Life” may be based on the real trials and tribulations of Isaac Wright Jr., a wrongly incarcerated prisoner who became a licensed attorney behind bars, but it feels about as authentic as “Ally McBeal.” The series, which comes from “Without a Trace” creator Hank Steinberg, may be guilty of relying too much on soap opera sidebars, but Nicholas Pinnock gives a noble performance as the defiant convict.

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Rejoining the tribe

Twenty past “Survivor” champions are returning for another round of backstabbing, alliances and bad hygiene. “Survivor: Winners at War” celebrates the show’s 20th year on the air with the best of the best — including fan favorites Yul Kwon and Ethan Zohn — vying for a $2 million purse, the largest single-person cash prize in reality TV history. Maybe host Jeff Probst will use this milestone season to share footage of his visits to the Fountain of Youth.

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Love is in the air

The contestants on the new dating show “Love Is Blind” grouse that physical looks are overrated, which is easy for them to say; they’re all gorgeous. But the series isn’t nearly as superficial as others in the genre, thanks to a format in which the singles woo each other without any face-to-face encounters. Those who tune in for “The Bachelor” solely for the drooling and drunken drama will feel stiffed. Everyone else will be smitten.

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Neal Justin