That’s a rap

You don’t expect Spike Jonze to direct a conventional music documentary, but you’ll find yourself wishing he had taken a more straightforward approach to “Beastie Boys Story.” Instead, we get a taping of the two surviving members’ stage show, which doesn’t include nearly enough music clips or insight. Stick around past the credits for the entire “Intergalactic” video, which says more about the trio’s brilliance than their scripted memories.

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Court of appeal

Chris Evans could sure use some of Captain America’s strength in “Defending Jacob,” an addictive legal thriller about an attorney whose life goes topsy-turvy after his teenage son is accused of murdering a classmate. None of the Avengers come to the rescue, but Cherry Jones and Oscar winner J.K. Simmons are terrific in juicy supporting roles. The ambiguous ending to the eight-part series is a bit frustrating, but it sets the stage for a possible second season.

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Hop on Pop

Since the Star Tribune last visited with magician Justin Flom in his parents’ Eden Prairie home, he’s had a baby daughter. In “Magic Caught on Camera,” Daddy celebrates by sawing the infant in half with a couple of Dr. Seuss books. Other top-notch magicians are also featured in this fast-paced new series.

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Modern medicine

Jim Allison is the kind of lab rat you want to hang out with, and not only because of the strides he’s made toward curing cancer. “Jim Allison: Breakthrough” presents a Nobel Prize winner who loves to blow harmonica and hang out with fellow Texan Willie Nelson. The scientific jargon gets a bit complicated, but you’ll still want to buy the scientist a drink, preferably a Lone Star beer.

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Get on board

If a young Kevin Smith had been interested in girl slackers, he may have come up with “Betty,” a new comedy about female skateboarders who can smoke weed and swap street philosophy as well as the boys. There’s not a lot of laughs to be found, but the characters will resonate with anyone who has dreamed of perfecting a hardflip.

10 p.m. Friday, HBO