Her name is Adele, but you can call her Jenny.

The British star — arguably the hottest singer in the world, at the moment — donned a disguise and showed up at an audition for Adele impersonators, all captured in a video from the BBC. A prosthetic nose, fake chin and a soothing, low voice were enough for the superstar to blend in with a bunch of nervous wannabes.

"You look so not like yourself," joked UK TV host Graham Norton, who put the singer up to the prank, as Adele revealed her faux look to him beforehand.

"I'm Jenny," she replied, going all in. "... And for my day job, I'm a nanny."

At the audition, she waited patiently with the other candidates, each made up to look like the real her and each completely unaware they were the target of Norton's mischief. She chatted excitedly with them and made fun of her real self for taking so long to come out with her new album, "25." She even feigned being sick to her stomach before her turn on stage to sing a cover of Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love."

Then, as the final audition, with each of the other unsuspecting candidates having taken their seats one by one in the otherwise deserted hall, the unlikely nanny Jenny took the stage.

And she sang like Adele.