Storm after storm will crash ashore in the West this week, and California will bear the brunt of the heavy rain and mountain snow, howling winds and towering waves.

Through tonight, rainfall totals will near as much as 4 inches along parts of the California coast. Over 0.50 of an inch of rain will inundate most of the Golden State before the day comes to a close.

In the Pacific Northwest, rainfall through tonight will tend to be an inch or less.

Meanwhile, the heaviest snowfall will hit the central and southern Sierra Nevada at elevations above 6,000 to 7,000 feet; 2-3 feet of snow will pile up by daybreak on Tuesday.

While the rain and mountain snow will have overall benefit for the region, it will also bring some adverse impact. Minor urban flooding will occur widely in California with more serious local impacts in Southern California. Mud flows will slide off burn-scarred slopes above the Los Angeles Basin and could pose serious problems.

Story by Meteorologists Jim Andrews and Katie Storbeck.