So we're starting a new daily sports podcast here at the Star Tribune called StribSports Daily Delivery.

I'll be the host, and every Monday-Friday – starting next Monday, yes five days from now – I will bring you the best possible 30 minutes of listening on Minnesota sports.

The official announcement came Tuesday, but I figured something a little less formal might give you even more insights into what to expect. So allow myself to interview … myself about just what we're up to and why you should listen:

Q: So why are you and the Star Tribune starting this podcast?

A: I was starting to worry that people lacked access to my thoughts on sports.

Q: You're not serious, are you?

A: Of course not. I tweet all the time. I write all the time. I do videos. I go on other people's podcasts and radio shows. And I'm still going to be doing all those things. Maybe even more frequently!

The real reason is that I'm a modern media man and we're a modern media company dedicated to leveraging great sports content across multiple unique platforms.

Q: Can you just say that in a way that doesn't make it sound like you're wearing a sport coat but no tie and leading a high-energy webinar?

A: OK, OK. We've had this idea for a while and we've been able to use the last several months refining the idea. People consume content a lot of different ways. As someone who has gravitated more toward podcasts a listener, appreciating both the conversational nature and portability, it feels natural that we would give Minnesota sports fans another way to get their favorite Star Tribune content and insights.

And while the Star Tribune has launched sports podcasts in the past, they've tended to be less frequent and aimed at specific teams we cover. Why not have a daily sports podcast that showcases our talented staff and the biggest stories across all sports?

Q: But what if I fall behind and miss an episode?

A: If you miss an episode, your life will never be the same … er, you can always go back and listen to it later because, while the podcast will strive to be topical and current it will also aim to dive deeper into topics.

This podcast will be an extension of a lot of what is already produced on a daily basis by myself and other talented Star Tribune journalists. It's just a new method of delivering it … daily. Get it?

Q: So who else will be on this podcast with you?

A: Many days will feature a lengthy and in-depth discussion with a Star Tribune sports writer on a particular relevant topic. I also plan to have guests from across Minnesota sports – everyone from athletes and coaches to executives and those behind-the-scenes. If there is an upside to being on Twitter way too much, it's knowing what issues are really resonating with fans. I'll also work in several rotating segments to inject some humor and perspective on what's going on.

Q: Will you have a recurring segment that incorporates ex-Vikings coach Jerry Burns' foul-mouthed rant about fans criticizing former offensive coordinator Bob Schnelker?

A: No comment.

Q: Will you answer listener questions?

A: Yes! Pretty much every show. I'll solicit these on Twitter. If you are savvy enough, you can even send me an audio file of your question and I'll use it on the podcast.

Q: So where can I get this "podcast" you keep talking about?

A: Every weekday morning on And subscribe/listen vial all the finest places you normally get your podcasts (and maybe even some of the less-reputable ones). Select listeners can request that I come to your house and – at a safe social distance – dramatically re-enact each episode as a sort of one-act play. Details on that are forthcoming.

Q: How long will you keep doing this podcast before you know if it was a good idea?

A: It's been a little over 14 years since I started the RandBall blog. So I fully expect StribSports Daily Delivery to still be going in 2035.

Q: Are you excited about this?

A: Honestly, I'm beyond excited. I think this is going to be a lot of fun to make and extremely worthwhile for listeners every day. And I hope a lot of people agree.