The DNR issued its weekly waterfowl migration report Thursday, Oct. 19, saying hunting success  was spotty in most areas of the state during the previous seven days, with no large migrations of ducks into the state.

However, hunting success was reported to be good in the South Zone when the season there re-opened. Many teal and wood ducks have flown south, the DNR said, and mid-season migrants have entered the state, according to DNR waterfowl specialist Steve Cordts.

Redheads and canvasbacks are showing up, with some scaup and buffleheads. On some refuges, ring-necked ducks are abundant.

Canada goose numbers appear unchanged from last week with a few small (cackling) geese present in some areas.

Relatively few hunters are in the field, the DNR said, which is not unusual at this time of year. High temperatures in  coming days are expected, followed by cooling next week.

— Dennis Anderson