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The usual Happy Saturday to you - and isn't it a wonderful Saturday, with 2010 on the calendar and the promise of - maybe, if we're lucky - single digits above zero on the thermometer! You can tell I'm trying to be optimistic, but the passing of another holiday season, coupled with the frigid temperatures today and in the near forecast, bring the sobering realization that the fun Christmas-y part of winter is over. It's nothing but ten or twelve weeks of frozen nostrils and months-old snowbanks, now, and that's if we're lucky and it's a short winter.

On that happy note, let's lay down in the gutter and die get on with a few decade-in-review-style links:

*RandBall reader Brandon went through his own blog history and made a list of his five favorite blog posts of the decade (plus two others that deserved mention). If you're not a regular reader of "World of B", well, you should be, and if you read these posts you'll understand why. I rarely put seven links in the same paragraph, but some things just deserve an exception, and this is one of them. Here we go, in reverse order:


Hon. Men. #1 | HM #2 | #5 | #4 | #3 | #2 | #1

*The Sports Media Watch blog has also been running a decade retrospective series, and I couldn't possibly link to every relevant post, so here's a link to all of them. The video, on top of that list, might be my favorite - despite being ten minutes long, it's worth your time.

*Also, if you have about two free hours, Ben Cohen at Deadspin put together a list of the best sportswriting of the decade. There's Joe Posnanski and Gary Smith and JR Moehringer's wonderful Pete Carroll profile that might be my favorite of all. The whole thing is wonderful and brilliant. (RandBall is not responsible for any related monopolization of your free time.)

I suppose that's enough for one week, given that in reality I've linked you to about forty articles this week. I expect everyone to read them all by next week. There will be an exam. (For extra credit, be sure to watch "Hockey Night in Canada" with the sound off, while listening to Wally Shaver call Gopher hockey on the radio).