While much of the sporting world spent a busy Tuesday figuring out the best way to sum up the life and career of a man whose actions could fill multiple books instead of merely column inches, our own Sid Hartman had a different take on the death of his close, personal friend George Steinbrenner.


It was a unique friendship – one that likely wouldn’t be duplicated in today’s sports world – and it was clear from talking to Sid yesterday that it was a true day of sadness. We would urge you to take a look at the video we did with Sid last night, but more so to read his memories of what it meant to him to be Steinbrenner’s friend. If nothing else, it’s a window into a bygone era. You might think the writing is a little self-serving (as some of the commenters on his column have written), but how else do you tell a tale of a relationship that lasted more than half a century?