It's still too early to panic about Byron Buxton, but it's certainly quite a tumble to go from batting third on Opening Day to batting eighth and getting pinch hit for (after three more strikeouts) barely a week later.


You can choose either the local broadcast (FSN) or the national one (NBCSN), but either way you know where you need to be at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday: either at Xcel Energy Center or in front of a TV watching Game 1 of Blues vs. Wild.


"Dubnyk will need to bring his 'A' game once the playoffs begin. That, however, should be said about the entire team. The Wild has good coaching and some solid hockey talent so there is no reason not to go a ways in the playoff race. Time to see how far their level of grit and passion can take them."

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"Byron Buxton is a mess. And yet ... OPS through 145 career games:


Kirby Puckett


Carlos Gomez


Byron Buxton


Brian Dozier"