Draymond Green to for a story about how he took a lower salary on his 2015 contract so the Warriors could sign Kevin Durant: "It's probably $6 million after taxes and fees. It's not changing my neighborhood, but championships can. Championships can change my life."


Jose Berrios, who pitched a complete game in a tidy 2 hours, 14 minutes in his last start, is slated to face the Tigers (6 p.m., FSN). If he's done his job, you'll turn the TV on at 8:30 to see the postgame show.


"I agree that a hitter should learn how to adjust to a shift and hit away from it, but that's requiring someone to be an entirely different player than what got them to the big leagues. ... Thinking Logan Morrison or any other average MLB player can learn on the fly against pitchers that consistently throw in the low to mid 90s is unrealistic."

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"I bet the baseball player that got hugged is just super stoked everybody in the world has watched video of him striking out."