A Wayzata High School hockey player is getting national attention for giving what many people consider one of the best postgame interviews of all time.

After his team’s win over Burnsville in the quarterfinals of the state hockey tournament last week, senior Mark Senden used the phrase “and everything like that” nine times in 60 seconds. That’s just one time short of his goal count for the year.

Even ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel took notice of the epic interview with KSTC-45, showing the video on his talk show.

“The captain of the team that won delivered what I think is an MVP-calber post game interview,” Kimmel said.

Senden, who will be attending the University of North Dakota, seems to be taking his newfound fame well, retweeting mentions of his favorite phrase, including this one from his girlfriend Maddie Wolsmann: “I am dating a celebrity and everything like that!!!!!”

Senden and his teammates went on to win the Minnesota Class 2A state title, proving it’s how you play — not what you say — that counts.