A Wayzata clothier went a long way to keep a groom happy on Sunday after the man left his wedding pants in the changing room and flew off to his destination wedding in Costa Rica.

After finding no help from FedEx, UPS or airline package services to get the missing pants to the church on time, Judd Frost put his 32-year-old daughter on a southbound plane with the $500, tan gaberdine suit pants.

Jessie Frost, who works for her dad’s men’s store, took off about 6 a.m. Sunday and landed about 11 hours later at the San Jose International Airport. After waiting an hour for her van driver and enduring a bumpy back-roads detour around a washout, she and the waylaid trousers finally reached the beachfront resort on the Pacific Ocean, where Jason Anderson, 32, of Maple Grove, and his fiancée, Heather Spaeth, 32, of Wayzata, are to be married Monday afternoon.

Judd Frost said he had reached Spaeth through Facebook on Sunday afternoon and that neither she nor her future husband had realized his wedding suit was missing its pants. They were equally surprised that a special courier was en route to deliver the missing garment in time for the 4 p.m. wedding on Monday.

The bride e-mailed: “We are incredibly speechless.”

“We just want you to have best wedding ever,” Judd Frost e-mailed back.

“Now, thanks to you and your family, we will!” Heather replied. “I cried. You, Sir, are incredible! Jessie Frost and Judd Frost are my life savers!”

“We just want to take care of people so they have a great experience,” Judd Frost said. “It’s a big day for them. We certainly weren’t going to disappoint them.”

Judd Frost said the groom left Wayzata with his $1,300 suit jacket and vest, tailored white-patterned shirt, lavender paisley tie, alligator belt and cuff links all zipped into a garment bag. But the vest obscured the hanger that should have borne the AWOL pants.

“I didn’t want them to try and find something else. He is really hard to fit. He’s a big kid,” Judd Frost said.

Although Judd Frost has traveled to serve snowbird customers in Arizona, he said Costa Rica is the farthest he has sent an employee to deliver garments.

Anderson was a first-time customer, Judd Frost said, referred by his fiancée, who attended grade school with Jessie Frost. He said he has also served the Douglas Dayton and Cargill families since he opened Judd Frost Clothiers in 1994 near Wayzata’s marina along Lake Street.

His daughter and her fiancé, Jeff Arndt, will get to attend the Las Brisas wedding, and also visit a cousin in Costa Rica, Judd Frost said.

And how did it feel to be guardian and courier of the eagerly awaited wedding pants?

“I feel like I am carrying treasure through the jungle,” Jessie Frost said via e-mail Sunday. “It’s pretty intense, but feels pretty great.”