About half of Minneapolis' wading pools will stay open a week longer to help kids cool off.

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board had planned to close its 65 wading pools Tuesday. But now it will keep 32 pools open through Sept. 9.

If temperatures remain at 80 degrees or above, pools may stay open longer. Pools on or by Minneapolis school property closed Monday, the first day of school. Water parks closed and lifeguard services at beaches ended Sunday, but beaches are open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Swim docks at Lakes Calhoun and Harriet were removed Thursday. Nokomis and Cedar docks will be out next week.


Northeast: Audubon, Beltrami, Hi-View, Logan, Marshall Terrace.

South: Bossen Field, Brackett, Bryant Square, Corcoran, East Phillips, Franklin Steele, Lake Hiawatha, Linden Hills, Longfellow, McRae, Pearl, Phelps, Powderhorn, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Riverside, Sibley, Wabun (Minnehaha).

North: Folwell, North Commons, North Mississippi, Shingle Creek, Webber.

Southeast: Van Cleve.

Central: Bryn Mawr, Dickman, Elliot, Loring.