If you want to look at your fluffy ball of joy while you're away from the house, the Petcube Cam is the solution. Well-built and compact — (roughly 2½ by 2 by 3 inches), this home security camera provides full HD livestreaming video.

It also offers Vet Chat, which is built-in for consultations with Fuzzy Pet Health veterinarians 24/7 through the Petcube app (iOS and Android). Your first Vet Chat consultation is free, then $4.99 monthly thereafter.

The camera is built with a 110-degree wide-angle lens featuring an 8X zoom and the body is pet-proof with its high-quality hard plastic construction. When it gets dark the camera will automatically switch to night vision for viewing up to 30 feet away.

With two-way audio, your pet can hear your voice if they are about to get in trouble or you just want a little conversation. The captured HD video is saved for four hours or can be downloaded and saved to a smartphone. A storage subscription is available for $5.99 month or $3.99 a month with a year subscription.

Setting up the Petcube takes a minute using your existing Wi-Fi. A rotating mount attaches to a matching magnetic area for use on floors, walls, under cabinets or ceilings. Incident recordings are triggered by sound and motion detection. Real-time notifications can be set up with the app and audio recognition can tell the difference between people and pets. (petcube.com, $40)