A video shot by a Colombian commando posing as a journalist recorded last week's daring rescue.

It shows Ingrid Betancourt looking grim, even despondent, as guerrillas hand her and 14 other hostages over in a grassy field in southeastern Guaviare Province.

Keith Stansell, one of three Americans in the group, addresses the camera, apparently trying to get a message to loved ones. "I love my family," he says. "Pray a lot."

Quickly the video offers images of the hostages in celebration, informed that they are free.

"We waited, we waited 10 years for this!" one soldier yells, over and over.

Betancourt is seen weeping with joy as she hugs William Perez, a soldier who had been with her in one clandestine jungle prison after another.

To see the video, go to tinyurl.com/635zv3.