This is, by far, the best kind of elevator surprise.

On a recent episode of “The Tonight Show,” host Jimmy Fallon and rock icon Paul McCartney teamed up for a one-of-a-kind elevator gag. And Twin Cities’ radio personality Dana Wessel was there.

Fallon and McCartney pulled the prank on groups of people who thought they were going on a tour of 30 Rockefeller Plaza studios (home to NBC).

As the elevator doors opened, Fallon and McCartney surprised Wessel’s group by sitting in sofa chairs reading the newspaper. Freak outs ensued. Look for Wessel, who’s wearing one of his trademark bandanas.

Wessel, who’s a part of Go 96.3’s morning show, was in New York with his wife celebrating their anniversary. He described the shocking experience on the radio station’s website:

"So, we’re put in groups of five and put on elevators. At this point, we just think we’re on a 30 Rock tour that they are testing out with friends and family.

"Then the elevator doors open…there’s Jimmy Fallon pulling the paper down and saying hello. I was wondering who the second person was behind the paper. I assumed it was Seth Meyers. Like I said, I thought we were just on an after hours tour.

"Then Sir Paul pulled down his paper. I was in shock. My wife Heather shrieked and later proudly claimed, ‘I’m one of the millions of women who have screamed in front of a Beatle.' "