DEC. 19

Found object. A hunting arrow was found close to a home in the 13000 block of 51st Street.


DEC. 22

Suspicious person. Someone in the 11000 block of Neal Avenue reported what they thought might be someone in their back yard. They told authorities they heard something crashing around through the trees and it was driving their dogs crazy. All a deputy could find was a lean-to with a tarp on it that was flapping around in the wind.


DEC. 23

Theft. A UPS package worth $30 was reported taken off the front steps of a home in the 1000 block of Dunbar Way.


DEC. 19

Trespassing complaint. Two males reportedly crawled under the fence of a property in the 14000 block of Norell Avenue to gain access to East Boot Lake. A deputy contacted the males who said the homeowner across the street had given them permission to go through the property. They were advised to leave.

DEC. 23

Suspicious items. Miscellaneous items including shoes, a purse, a broken telescope and a blow dryer were found on the shoulder of the road in the 13000 block of Partridge Road.


DEC. 14

Check welfare. Someone concerned about the safety of people riding a Jet Ski on Tanners Lake asked police to check on them. An officer was unable to locate a Jet Ski on the lake.

Disturbance. Police were called when a man became upset and started chasing another man around the parking lot of SuperAmerica, 1015 Geneva Ave., when he refused to give him a cigarette. Police thought the man doing the chasing showed obvious signs of alcohol impairment. He provided a PBT of .264 and was transported to Ramsey County detox.

DEC. 15

Suspicious person. A male in a black jacket and skeleton mask was reported walking in the 7000 block of Hwy. 5. The man told an officer he was walking home and was wearing the mask because it was cold out. No criminal activity found.

DEC. 17

Suspicious activity. Police checked with residents whose mailboxes were observed open and empty in the 3500 and 3600 blocks of Garden Boulevard. Many of the residents said they had already gotten their mail.


DEC. 15

Suspicious activity. Someone in a cleaning truck who had pulled up to a home under construction in the 9200 block of Compass Pointe Circle was reported going in and out of the residence at 1:15 a.m. Police made contact with the person who said she was there to clean the home. Her boss was contacted and verified she was scheduled to clean the home but not in the overnight hours. He asked that police take the employee's work keys.

DEC. 16

Equipment violation. The driver of a vehicle in the 10000 block of Hudson Road was given a citation for tinted taillight covers.

DEC. 18

Suspicious activity. An officer checked the registration of a vehicle he saw parked in the back section of the Tamarack Village parking lot. The vehicle, which had an occupant on the passenger's side, was owned by someone familiar to police from past shoplifting and narcotics arrests. The officer contacted one of the stores in the shopping center who advised the officer that they were already watching a suspicious female they suspected of concealing several items. After she left the store without buying anything and returned to the vehicle in the lot the officer conducted a traffic stop of the vehicle. The driver, unsolicited, told him she didn't go through with the theft of items from the store. A consented search of the vehicle confirmed it.

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Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.