Walking through my garden last night, all I could think of was spending more time right where I was – in the garden. The weather has been fabulous; everything is growing great, the mulch is still good from the pile I put on last July. All I need to do is weed, and that requires sitting in the sun, a cool beverage by my side, sun bonnet and quiet. My brain drifted to time off work spent among the Red lilies, the White hydrangea and the Blue berries (stretch, but I don’t have any blue flowers blooming right now).

BUT, the alarm went off this morning and I had to get going for… ONE... MORE... DAY. I have a pile of paper work that needs attention, customers that need information and lists that need attending. Argh. But then there is this blog, GreenGirls. It’s not work to me. Heck, how can it be when you get to talk about gardening?

So let’s do that, tell me what you’re doing in your garden this weekend. Ask questions; let’s see if the collective good can come up with an answer (I can also dig into my Master Gardener files). Your boss will think you’re working hard. Keep typing; it will psyche her out; she will think you’re working on the TPS report.

I’ll start. This is a volunteer tomato among my chard & beets, should I let it go and forget about the second planting or pull the tomato because I have no clue of the variety?