ST. PETER -- The verdict on whether to take military action against Syria was a resounding "No" at U.S. Rep. Tim Walz's open meeting with constituents on Friday.

"People showed up here to say no," an amazed Walz said after listening to about 150 people over a two-hour period.

Walz, a Democrat from Mankato, said he remains officially undecided, at least until he sees the final language of the resolution President Obama is seeking. But he said he came to the meeting "skeptical" that military force would help the situation, and the gathering reinforced his skepticism.

"I am incredibly skeptical, and it has been enhanced today," Walz said.

He said not one person who filed through a long line in the St. Peter Food Coop to speak to him supported military action. That included a Republican candidate running against him, Jim Hagedorn, as well as people who voted twice for President Obama.

Walz seemed to agree with many of those opposed to military action, saying often, "I hear you loud and clear," and "I'm turning it over to you -- what do you think?"

They thought it was a bad idea, unanimously, which Walz said he had never seen before at such a gathering.

"I'm tired of the U.S. acting like Gary Cooper in 'High Noon,' " said Larry Hlavsa of New Ulm.