Mike Wallace says he is happy to be in Minnesota, and after he arrived at Winter Park today, the Vikings tweeted out a couple of pictures — you can see them here and here — to prove it.

But what about the rumors out of Miami that the wide receiver was unhappy about being dealt to the Vikings? What about him spurning the Vikings two year ago? And what about the weather?

In an eight-minute conference call with local media this afternoon, Wallace gave his two cents.

“I’m excited to be here. Fresh start,” the 28-year-old said to open the call. “I’m excited about the opportunity that Coach [Mike] Zimmer gave me, [General Manager Rick] Spielman and the Wilfs. I’m excited. Great city from what I’ve heard. A great young quarterback. A lot of good players on the team. I’m looking just to be an asset to the team. I want to help out and do the best I can.”

In case you can’t get a wireless signal under that rock you’re living under, the Vikings acquired Wallace from the Dolphins last night and then released veteran wide receiver Greg Jennings this afternoon. Asked if he was surprised by what happened with Jennings, Wallace had this to say.

“I got traded yesterday, so it doesn’t surprise me,” he said. “Last week you seen Jimmy Graham get traded, you seen Andre Johnson get released. So in this league, nothing is surprising. It’s all business. And that’s one thing I never will forget about this game, man.”

The Vikings wanted Wallace two years ago, but he chose the Dolphins. He said he did consider coming here, but weather was a major factor in him picking South Beach over the Twin Cities.

“The cold factor was big at that time with an opportunity to play in Miami with palm trees instead of trees with no leaves,” Wallace said. “That was then. This is now. I’m excited to be here.”

Did this beautiful weather today do anything to change his mind about Minnesota?

“I kind of feel like it’s a trick honestly,” Wallace said with a laugh. “I kind of feel like everybody is trying to trick me and make me think that the weather is nice.”

Wallace was on the trade block after reportedly bumping heads with Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin, including an incident where he was benched in the second half of the 2014 season finale. And now that the Vikings made the trade to get him, he said he feels “really embraced here.”

“I thought there was a lot of love when I got here,” Wallace said. “Guys really wanted me here. So I’m excited about the fresh start. Wish things could have ended better [in Miami], but you know…”

So that report last night about him being unhappy the Vikings traded for him, was that one true?

“I’m excited. That’s really not true because I didn’t even tell anybody,” he said. “I don’t know where that kind of came from. A lot of people always put words in my mouth. Nobody ever heard me say that. I don’t have any problems with being here. I’m excited. I’m excited for a fresh start.”

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