While a food coma isn’t the sort of condition one casually pursues, Minneapolitans’ Thanksgiving stupor is among the tops in the nation.

Trulia, the real estate company, rated cities based on the status of their feasts, should that factor into your relocation decisions.

In the Midwest, Minneapolis came in third, behind Madison, Wis., and Lake County, Ill., (which is, sheesh, a whole county. Think Waukegan.)

The factors going into this highly unscientific study?

Working from a list of Thanksgiving essentials, Trulia tapped Yelp to find which cities have the most farmer’s markets, spice stores, grocery stores, meat shops, pumpkin patches, bakeries and holiday decoration stores.

Then, presumably as a better tie-breaker than grape salad (the New York Times is never living that one down), they used data from the U.S. Geological Survey about the density of wild turkeys to nail down their best “feast-worthy” cities.

(How many families are dining on wild turkey today? Hmmm, thought so.)

While Minneapolis didn’t garner top scores in any single category, our generally consistent showing on an “oh-so-close” basis apparently was enough to earn us a gustatory bronze medal.

Which is (yawn, burp) kinda cool…

If you can stay awake, check out Trulia’s whole Thanksgiving food coma report.