Darius and Darian are smart, handsome, athletic brothers who want to be adopted together. They love sports, especially basketball, and have lived in the United States and in Nigeria and traveled to England. Darius, 15, is a talented singer and loves music. He would love to learn how to play an instrument. Darius also has wonderful public advocacy skills, which he discovered while eloquently speaking on adoption panels with other waiting children. Darian, 12, loves to read and draw, and is proud of making the B Honor Roll. The two are very close, but they are open to having siblings, and would love to have a pet dog in their adoptive home. Darius and Darian are quite social; they are looking forward to putting roots down, playing sports, making friends, and are interested in being adopted by a very nurturing, committed family. The family that invests in these brothers will find joy while watching them explore their interests and develop their amazing potential.

If you would like more information about Darian and Darius, or any of Minnesota's other Waiting Children, contact the Minnesota Adoption Resource network at 612-861-7115 or go online to www.mnadopt.org.