The Vth Anniversary Issue. Pick up all five covers!

When's first issue landed in November 2006, there was, of course, a lot to love about the Twin Cities -- but we had no idea what we were in for. The music scene was showing new signs of life and cross-pollination. The term "foodie" was entering mainstream consciousness, and local "beer geeks" were still a heretical, cult-like sect. A nascent generation of local art and fashion scenes was beginning to make a mark.

To celebrate's fifth anniversary, our staff and contributors brainstormed to select five people or entities that have helped change the cultural landscape since we launched. Our "five most influential" picks represent the range of the local scene: genre-smashing musician Stef Alexander, better known as rapper P.O.S.; the collective staff of 89.3 The Current; 112 Eatery/Bar La Grassa chef Isaac Becker; Surly Brewing dudes Omar Ansari and Todd Haug, and art/fashion impresario Emma Berg. These are but five names in a thriving community, but each has made a singular impression on us. And each had a lot to tell us about where the scene has been and where it's going.

Vth anniversary issue:'s 5 most influential 2006-2011

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