Vice President Joe Biden was in Minneapolis on Wednesday attending a fundraiser for Democratic U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

“Having Amy as an ally is like having four people with you,” he told 350 attendees at the Minneapolis Hilton.

He talked about how important Klobuchar was during the Franken/Coleman recount when she had to serve as the state’s sole senator while the nation’s economy sank.

“It was a moment of significant crisis,” he said. “We needed smart but mostly gutsy leaders of Congress, as many as we could find, and we found Amy.”

Biden praised her for supporting the auto bailout, acknowledging it was a difficult vote politically.

“We would not let an iconic industry evaporate, an industry that helped build the middle class,” he said. “So she stepped up and she voted for it.”

Biden also talked about gay rights, saying that for the Obama administration and Klobuchar “there was no distinction between the capability and patriotism of gay American soldiers and straight American soldiers, and therefore there should be absolutely no distinction in their ability to serve proudly and openly in the United States military.”

Biden said Republicans in Minnesota and Washington are being crystal clear about their beliefs in protecting the privileged, eroding the middle class and weakening the country’s economy.

“They are saying exactly what they believe," Biden said. "As my mother would say, 'God bless them.'”

Klobuchar told attendees their support was crucial in fending off her rivals and national Super PACs that might pour millions into sinking her chances for a second term.

“So your help today means I can take it on and that we are ready for anything,” she said.

Tickets for the event ranged from $125 to $10,000, which included VIP seating and photo reception.

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