Ladies and gentleman, the internet has a new "The Dress."

Of course, you remember the infamous dress that divided people for weeks (months, even!) in 2015. Was it black and blue? Or white and gold?

Well, move over strangely-colored dress — a new optical illusion is making social media users lose their minds. Presenting: shiny legs.

Once you see this pair of glossy legs, you won't be able to unsee them (as this tweeter says). Are they wrapped in cellophane? Or just really wet?

Turns out they're not shiny at all. That's just white paint.

The photo, originally posted on Instagram by a user named Hunter Culverhouse, spread across the internet on Wednesday thanks to Twitter users reposting the image (like this person). 

Some people went nuts.

Many just debated.

Others thought it was stupid.

Culverhouse took her photo down, then reposted after it went viral, and now has set her account to private. But in her bio, she claims it is indeed paint.

Oh, and for the record, that dress is white and gold.