What you’ll find: One of the fabulous things about this shop at Mall of America is that every couple of months it’s an entirely different store. Heritage sells consigned and pre-owned jewelry and bags, and you never know what treasures will appear.

“Many of our customers are looking for pieces they’ve always wanted, but that stores no longer carry,” says co-owner Corey McClellan. The shop also re-sizes rings (whether purchased there or not), so Heritage can customize vintage pieces if they don’t fit. Clientele ranges from millennials who value not being wasteful to people hunting for a specific style and anyone attracted to good old-fashioned bling.

Those looking to consign jewelry are in luck, too. McClellan and business partner David Hime have structured the business so they can pay consignors “50 to 100% more than they would make at any other place,” says McClellan. Another bonus: “Collectively, we have 30 years of experience in the business,” he says.

What you won’t find: McClellan rarely buys or consigns synthetic stones — the shop prefers to stock natural, with a few exceptions depending on style and quality.

The extra mile: The only pieces McClellan buys outright are those he finds on the road. “I travel the country by car and buy pieces,” he says. He knows what to look for because he’s been scouting vintage jewelry since he was a child. “I would go to estate sales with my mom, who owned a jewelry store, and learn what she bought.” He only recently started buying and consigning bags, thanks to customer demand, but now, he says, “I can probably tell you more about most bags than my sister.”

Get the goods: Heritage opened in Southdale in 2018 and moved to MOA last year.