Quote of the game: "These [Vikings] tackles have to be better or Sam Bradford is not going to survive."

NBC analyst Cris Collinsworth

A big sigh of relief

A Vikings win against the Pack is always satisfying. Seeing Aaron Rodgers without that smug smile on his face is just icing on the cake.


Trae Waynes panned

Trae Waynes' interception almost makes up for all his penalties. Hope the coaches teach him the position, otherwise he's got to go.


Trae Waynes praised

Trae will be fine. As the announcers pointed out, his coverage was good enough to make the grabbiness unnecessary. He'll lose that bad habit this week.


A change from Philadelphia

Funny thing about the Viking receivers is that they ACTUALLY catch the ball. It was great to see guys actually hold onto the ball. Sam would never say that but he IS thinking it.