Minnesota Vikings spokesman Lester Bagley said another U.S. city -- other than Los Angeles -- has contacted the team about leaving Minnesota.

Bagley, the team's vice president of stadium development and public affairs, made the comment as he answered questions from legislators at Tuesday's hearing at the state Capitol over whether to help publicly fund a new stadium.  He was not pressed during the hearing to elaborate, and afterward declined to identify the city.

"We would let that city speak for themselves," said Bagley, who said the city had approached the team over the past year.  "I don't think it's our place to say who it is."

But his comments were one of the most intriguing developments at the five-hearing, in which dozens of speakers argued for and against a new stadium and advocated for a variety of stadium financing plans.

Over the past year, much of the speculation over the Vikings leaving Minnesota has centered on the team being wooed by developers in Los Angeles, the largest U.S. city without a National Football League team.  Bagley acknowledged again Tuesday that two groups of Los Angeles developers had been in contact with the team -- but added another city had also approached the Vikings.




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