Officially, the Vikings plan to employ the services of all three of their running backs — Latavius Murray, Dalvin Cook and Jerick McKinnon — in their effort to succeed Adrian Peterson.

But if things play out the way they have in the first week of training camp, when Cook has received most of the work, it doesn’t sound as if the Vikings would have any concerns with turning things over to the second-round pick.

Cook has taken the majority of the Vikings’ first-team snaps with Murray still recovering from offseason ankle surgery and McKinnon limited because of injury, and the Florida State product’s strengths — his quickness, vision and receiving ability — have been as good as advertised.

It’s been in the less-celebrated areas of his game, though — particularly his pass protection — where Cook has perhaps stood out the most.

“He’s got a great background in it,” offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur said. “I think the last time we visited here, we talked about how he has a really great foundation coming from Florida State, so he understands the big picture, he understands our terminology as to who we’re blocking and he really has a good feel for the game.

“I don’t see any elements of running back play that he can’t be very good at, and pass protection is one of them.”