Cowboys linebacker Keith Brooking drew a lot of attention Sunday for his actions and postgame comments about the Vikings. 

Brooking ran over and screamed at the Vikings sideline and later called them “classless” after Brett Favre threw a touchdown pass to Visanthe Shiancoe on fourth down with 1 minute 55 seconds left for a 34-3 lead.

Naturally, Vikings players were asked about his comments.

“I don’t like to speak too much but they ran up the scoreboard the previous week before [against the Eagles] and they were calling timeouts and everything,” cornerback Benny Sapp said. “So you want to keep playing and that’s what it looked like to me. He got upset for no reason. It is football and I think he was probably the one that got scored on.”
Shiancoe used sarcasm and mispronounced Brooking’s name in his rebuttal.
“I didn’t see it because I was soaking in my touchdown, but I heard he said it was classless and unprofessional, etc.,” Shiancoe said. “So I sincerely apologize to Brookings for doing that to him. We apologize, Brookings. If you don’t want us to score, stop us, right? It’s the NFL. You never know what could happen. We scored 24 points in, what, a quarter against the Giants. Who knows? I don’t want some fluke stuff to happen in a playoff game, a miracle.”