ARLINGTON, TEXAS — Fans who were clamoring for a big play from Mike Wallace finally got what they were hoping for in tonight’s 28-14 win.

Midway through the second quarter, Teddy Bridgewater went to the line with a running play buzzed into his headset from the sideline. But as the quarterback started counting silver helmets, he determined there were too many Cowboys in the box. Time to call an audible.

Bridgewater switched to a pass play and backed up into the shotgun. Seeing that he had Wallace in single coverage, he took a shot downfield to his speedy wide receiver. The result was a 39-yard reception.

“It was a look where we wanted to run the ball at first but we had a bad look, so we just had to get out of the play,” said Bridgewater, who went 7-of-7 for 76 yards tonight. “A quarterback’s job is to get us into the right play.”

The chunk play, which set up a Vikings field goal, was one of three catches on the night for Wallace, who finished with 50 yards receiving.

But in the locker room, Wallace shrugged it off when a reporter asked him if it felt good for him to break through with his first bomb in purple.

“It’s preseason, man. It’s preseason, man,” he said. “We’ll take it. It’s a good way to get it started. But the season hasn’t even started yet, so it’s cool.”

Coach Mike Zimmer admitted that the Vikings came into the game with a plan to get a couple of touches. But the 39-yarder wasn’t in the script.

“I know everybody wants to see Wallace get a bunch of deep throws and so do I,” Zimmer said. “But it’s important for us to go through our progressions and make our reads and make the correct throws and that’s why [Bridgewater’s] completion percentage was 100 percent tonight, because he continues to do those things.”

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