The Minnesota Vikings and the Wilf family will contribute an additional $19.5 million to the team’s new stadium. The contribution will be revealed at Friday’s Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority meeting.

The $19.5 million will be directed, among other things, toward plaza enhancements, food service equipment, seat upgrades and a deck that looks out toward Minneapolis, the team said in a news release.

“Our focus remains on providing a first-class experience to our fans,” said Vikings owner and team president Mark Wilf in the release. “When the process is over and we open this building in 2016, we want to say we did what we could to ensure the best game day experience possible.”

The team’s private contributions since the stadium legislation passed have been nearly $74 million, for a total team contribution of $551 million of the stadium’s cost of $1.061 billion.

The Vikings’ portion of the stadium cost is 52 percent of the total project. Public money in the project is $498 million, with food service provider Aramark in for $10 million and stadium operator SMG paying $2 million.