You are looking at a "Viking Eagle." We are not sure if Brad Childress owns one, but we would not be surprised.

Why do we say that? Well, by our count -- and please correct us and add on if we are forgetting anyone, which is surely possible -- the Vikings' signing of Ryan Moats today means Moats is the seventh member of the 2005 Philadelphia Eagles (yes, Childress' last year with that organization before coming over as head coach of the Vikings) to subsequently sign a contract with the Vikings.

Your complete list (plus link to '05 Eagles roster. Please note Philly was a very robust 6-10 that season. Why wouldn't Minnesota turn that squad into its personal waiver wire?):

Ryan Moats: With 224 combined career touches (rushing and receiving) and six fumbles, he puts it on the ground once every 37 times he touches it. Noted fumbler Adrian Peterson: once every 50 times.

Greg Lewis: While his specific contribution to one of the greatest plays/finishes in Vikings history cannot be ignored, it should be noted that Lewis caught a rather non-special eight passes last season.

Koy Detmer: That half-week he spent here in 2007 was something nobody will ever forget.

Billy McMullen: His 23 catches for the Vikings in 2006 represent nearly half his career total (52).

Mike McMahon: We'll let Wikipedia handle this one. He was then signed by the Minnesota Vikings on March 23, 2006 - a move which reunited him with current Vikings head coach Brad Childress, who was previously the offensive coordinator in Philadelphia. McMahon lost a training camp battle for the third-string job with fellow quarterbacks Tarvaris Jackson and Brooks Bollinger. He was cut on September 2, 2006 after posting a 23.7 passer rating in the preseason - the 2nd worst in the league. He was worked out by the Cleveland Browns a few days later but not signed.

Lito Sheppard: 14 INTs from 2004-06; 4 INTs from 2007-09. Still, no complaints. He could fill a need at corner in 2010.

Artis Hicks: A versatile offensive lineman who signed with Washington and could be missed.

Once the Vikings add T.O. this offseason, then Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook in 2011, the takeover will be complete.