Terence Newman was the oldest defensive back in the NFL this season at 39 years old. He’d like to retain that title next season, when he will be 40.

Appearing on KFAN on Thursday, Newman said he wants to play in 2018, and wants to return to the Vikings in 2018.

“I want to play because we made it to a NFC championship,” Newman said. “We fell short. We fell way short. I want to have an opportunity to play for a Super Bowl championship. I want to get over that hurdle. That was my first NFC championship I’ve played in, in 15 years. I’ve never made it past the divisional round. I’ve never been to a championship game. I want to be able to have an opportunity to win a ring. It’s that simple.”

Would he play for another team if there were a better offer? “Money is not an objective,” he said. “I do this because I love this game. I’ve played this game since I was a little kid. We’d play this game in the street, parking grounds, playgrounds, and when you were playing then, you never worried about money. It was just about, ‘Hey, I want to score a touchdown,’ or, ‘Hey, I want to get an interception.’ I get to play this game, and I get paid. There’s no better job in America for me. I get to do what I love. I get to be with a bunch of guys that I respect and I have nothing but love for, and they pay you for this. If it was Cleveland, I don’t care. I love this game still. When I don’t love this game any more, I will walk away.”

Asked about what happened in the Vikings’ 38-7 loss to the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game, Newman was still puzzled.

“It’s an enigma,” Newman said. “I don’t understand it; nobody understands it. I think we came out and we were pretty flat. It seemed like we played with no energy, no emotion, and that’s across the board. It’s not like us. They hit on every cylinder. Everything they did, it worked. That’s what you call execution. That’s why they deserve to win the game, and that’s why they beat us 30-something to seven. You can’t take anything away from them. We didn’t play well; they played excellent. That’s how we’re here now.”

Newman said he hasn’t watched the NFC Championship Game at all. As for the Super Bowl, Newman said he’s picking the Eagles to win.”

“Obviously, we don’t deserve to be there,” Newman said. “We didn’t play well in the championship game. They played excellent, and they deserve a shot at this title. They’re going to give New England a great run for their money.”

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