Friday morning thoughts:

-The Vikings' pick was quientessentially Rick Spielman. He loves spectacular athletes and is willing to gamble on them. Percy Harvin. Cordarrelle Patterson. Adrian Peterson (who really wasn't much of a gamble). Dalvin Cook.

This also befits Vikings history, if you consider the histories of Keith Millard, Randy Moss, Everson Griffen, Cris Carter and Koren Robinson.

Spielman often talks about character, but if his own investigations into a player indicate to him that the player will not be a continuing problem in the pros, he's willing to overlook past transgressions. Especially if they're deniable.

Mike Hughes is a spectacular athlete who could have gone higher in the draft had he not faced accusations while in college, and hadn't bounced from college to college. Sounds a lot like Moss.

We could be sanctimonious and say that professional teams shouldn't employ anyone with character issues, but that's not realistic. Hughes is a value pick in part because of his past. The Vikings are gambling that he'll stay clean as a pro. Given their history and the nature of their sport, that's a reasonable bet.

-I think all of the NFC North teams did well in the draft, because none of them reached, as did just about every team that chose a quarterback in the top 10.

Roquan Smith should be a longtime standout at linebacker for the Bears.

The Packers took a quality cornerback in Jaire Alexander and avoided reaching for an obvious need at receiver.

The Lions took a strong interior blocker in Chanhassen's Frank Ragnow.

And the Vikings got value at No. 30.

None of them are transformational picks. All were rational and relatively safe.

-The Twins have lost seven straight, imploded again in New York, and closer Fernando Rodney blew another save.

What should we make of this?

That the Twins are four games under .500 with 142 to play. They are one good week away from returning to .500. They are a good month away from being in line for a playoff spot.

My only real concern on the roster at the moment - apart from the prevailing concern that a few of their talented young players won't reach their potential - is that Lance Lynn doesn't look ready to pitch to big league hitters. He came to camp late and may need more time, but he's a key for this team. If he pitches well, they will have a deep rotation. If he doesn't, they'll have to find someone to replace him.


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