Q: I fell in love with "Sanditon" on "Masterpiece." Will there be a second season?

A: I mentioned a year ago that the series, based on an unfinished novel by Jane Austen, was at best in limbo. ITV, the company behind the series, had decided not to continue the drama but the creative team hoped someone else would finance a continuation.

After months with no good news, "Sanditon" fans found hope in the success of "Bridgerton," the costume drama that has been a huge hit for Netflix. Maybe, they thought, Netflix or another service would like its own series in that style. And maybe someone will. But at this writing, there's no announced deal anywhere.

'New Amsterdam' returns March 2

Q: Three shows I have enjoyed but have not heard anything about returning are "Deputy," "New Amsterdam" and "Manifest." I am hoping you might know.

A: "New Amsterdam" begins new episodes on NBC on March 2. And, as I mentioned before, it has been renewed for two more seasons beyond this one. "Manifest" will start its new season on April 1. "Deputy" has been canceled after one season on Fox.

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