The Traveler: Shelley Klaessy of Minnetonka

A home with one of the world's best views hugs the shore of Lake Lucerne at the base of the mountain massif of Pilatus. Klaessy captured the idyllic scene during a boat ride, and then took a 30-minute trip on a cogwheel railway that dates to 1893 — with a gradient reaching 48% — up Mount Stanserhorn. There, the panorama included Lucerne and other alpine peaks. "This excursion has been described as one of the top scenic rail journeys in Europe," she wrote in an e-mail. Klaessy calls Switzerland one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. "The Swiss Alps cover roughly 60% of Switzerland's surface area and feature 48 peaks higher than 13,000 feet. Activities are endless: scenic train rides, museums, thermal baths, paragliding, hiking, day tours, concerts, shopping and much more."

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