Put your best toy car forward

It’s hard to think of miniature cars as having human qualities. But when one leaps into the air and “head-butts” a soccer ball to score a goal, all bets are off. Such is the wild, ­adrenaline-fueled action of summer’s biggest hit, “Rocket League” ($20 download for PS4 and PC), a crazy mishmash that puts tiny souped-up cars on the soccer pitch. Zoom up walls, fly through the air, sideswipe opponents — just do anything to get the ball. Play with or against friends or computer-driven players, online or local. Customize your rides with rewards earned during play, or pay to trick them out via downloads such as the coming-soon “Revenge of the Battle Cars” pack ($4). If real football action is your thing, the new “Pro Evolution Soccer 2016” ($50-$60 for most consoles) is the best game in years. But for addictive fun, “Rocket League” scores big.