A 'Da Vinci Code'-like mystery

Plenty of indie games emulate the retro style of a bygone era, but developers still manage to find new twists on the classics. "Pony Island's" novelty doesn't lie in its gameplay, which is made up of simple endless-runner action levels and forgettable faux-programming puzzles. Instead, the main draw is the entertaining "Da Vinci Code"-style mystery that lies beneath the idyllic and carefree veneer. "Pony Island" is presented to players as an Atari-era arcade game, but unsettling anomalies soon hint at a deeper (and stranger) experience. Rarely do you spend more than a few minutes on an action level or puzzle before the rules are changed up. This variety is a good thing, because the gameplay is as rudimentary as the visuals. The game's real magic happens between the levels.

Jeff Marchiafava, Game Informer