A much-needed fourth act

"Path of Exile: The Awakening" (Grinding Gear) isn't the first game to make loot the focal point, but here the customization options are unparalleled, and this expansion adds enough variety — even when you're playing the same map or zone over and over. The most important update is desynchronization, one of the big points of contention in the original game. "The Awakening" adds a much-awaited fourth act to the story — a bizarre trek through an aqueduct, a dead lake, corrupted mines, heroic dreams and a grotesque beast. The new content is sizable and varied, but a significant difficulty spike may have some players scratching their heads. Some of the Act 4 bosses are incredibly unforgiving. Still, new skills and abilities give players plenty of opportunities to find the perfect build. "The Awakening" is a welcome and wild addition.

Daniel tack, Game Informer